The energy it takes to hold a grudge is just not worth it. It ties up our energy in a negative cycle and we have better things to do with it, right? The other thought that’s connected with this quote is that while we may be steaming, the other person may be having a great time. Our negative thinking has no impact on anyone but ourselves.


I am grateful to live in the United States. We have our problems, that’s for sure, but all in all, freedom to move around, worship, study, have children, pursue careers and travel in and out are benefits we take for granted. Americans stand out when it comes to being helpful to other countries because we are generous as individuals and as a whole. There are things we can, should and will change but there’s a lot to be grateful for too.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

To achieve a goal, whether great or small, we get there by doing something toward it every day. It can be  lot or a little but finding time to do something about that goal on a daily basis will bring it into reality. It’s that daily focus that will make it become real. Do the next logical step to make that dream come true.

The simplicity of the principle of taking one day at a time may make it sound trite but many of us have survived difficult periods by doing just that. We have the choice of getting lost in worry, anxiety and depression OR doing whatever we can to manage today. When feeling overwhelmed or upset, pull your attention back to whatever time it is at present through bedtime. Focus on what needs to be done in that period. Keep drawing your attention back if your mind wanders out again. Keep it simple.

We can do almost anything if we just have to do it today. Tomorrow is another story. We’ll see what happens then since things can shift dramatically in a day. You may understand something better after a good night’s sleep, a question may be answered, a friend may offer support or an insight may come. Do what you can today and expect the best tomorrow.

Kids don’t experience divorce in the same way parents do. Adults have their perspectives, which vary significantly. The spouse who chooses to leave, for example, has a different experience than the one who is left. There are many emotional reactions from both points of view.

Kids don’t relate to either of the adult perspectives. They are not as angry and rarely want to take sides. Their experience is different and remains different throughout their lives. They experience grief, loss, worry and fear but on a different level and from a different perspective. The degree depends on the age of the child and how the adults manage themselves. Try not to assume you know what the kids are thinking. Ask them.

What colors will you choose?

It may seem that life is over when one is asked for a divorce, and it’s true that the life that was familiar is over. Here, however, is the good news—life goes on and it can be really good. Really. It takes awhile to get through the mire of the legal issues and deal with all the fear that comes up, but know that the future is waiting. It’s a blank canvas in many ways. You can choose your paint color. What is your vision for yourself?

All progress begins with imagination, an idea. Asking “What if… ?”  Or “Wouldn’t it be great if I could… ?” leads to something new being born. As human beings we are always reaching for something more. It’s our nature. Often, however, we allow our day-to-day routines to cloud our inventiveness so our ideas fall by the wayside. Suggestion: set time aside every day, even if it’s only ten minutes, to work on your great idea. You’d be surprised at how it seems more and more doable as the days and weeks add up. You can do it!

Take a few moments and watch this short movie and write something about your reaction to it here, if you have a moment. It’s worth the time.

Amazing piece of film!

Being Positive After Divorce | LIVESTRONG.COM
In her book, “Getting Up, Getting Over, Getting On: A 12-Step Guide to Divorce Recovery,” social worker Micki McWade points out that divorce causes an 

Take a look at this video. It’s inspiring and helps us look at the limitations we impose on ourselves as well as the joy we feel when we break through. It’s worth the time. The video is in English with French subtitles.

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